How to cure erectile dysfunction

How to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

Before talking about how to cure erectile dysfunction, please answer. Can you walk as fast as you used when you were around 20 years old? Do you feel the same energy when you wake up?

Likewise, there are tons and tons of problems that you might be facing as you grow up. One such issue that the majority of men are dealing with is erectile dysfunction.

From our sedentary lifestyle, bad habits like alcohol drinking or smoking, obesity to hormonal imbalance, there is so much which can be a causative factor to ED. The diseases may also result from neurological, vascular disease, prostate-related treatments, surgeries, or diabetes.

Tired of looking for the treatment to ED? Are you freaking out when someone asks you to visit a new doctor? Forget it all! I am here with some tried and tested treatments to answer your question about how to cure erectile dysfunction based on my own ED experience.

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You will be relieved knowing that the treatment methods are not a temporary fix, rather, I have
focused on the ones that provide a permanent cure.
Make sure that you stay with me till the
end for more clarity.

1. Stem Cell TherapyThe best answer to how to cure erectile dysfunction

Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction

Even though there are ‘n’ numbers of oral medications available on the market for ED patients, but these still do not show long-term improvement and care temporary fix.

Apart from that, they also leave certain side effects on the patients who are consuming them. Hence, research has come up with stem cell therapy for treating erectile dysfunction permanently.

I was one of you who was severely suffering from erectile dysfunction. Visited many doctors from different fields and tried every sort of treatment possible but all in vain. I could not find any permanent cure for my ailment.

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Finally, I tried my last option stem cell therapy and it worked perfectly and within six months, I recovered completely.

So, What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy has been in the talks for quite a while now. Stem cells can stimulate the regeneration of tissues, nerves, and blood vessels in the penile region. In a nutshell, stem cells repair, regenerate and replace the damaged cells and in turn makes your tissues healthy again for proper functioning.

Long-term clinical effects are possible with stem cell therapy. This suggests that stem cells will aid in the prevention of ED or the restoration of sexual function in the event of an injury to the area.

How Stem cell therapy is performed for ED?

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) seem to be the most commonly used stem cells within the urological region. Direct injection is the most effective form of stem cell delivery for ED treatment. These cells are injected into the penis and also through IV for better results.

To produce outcomes, a booster dose is usually recommended after some months. The therapy can be replicated every few years if desired.

2. Shockwave Therapy

 Shockwave therapy to treat impotence and weak erection

When in search of treatments that can cure ED, Shockwave Therapy is the one that you would have come across. Though it is not a permanent cure for ED but is definitely a better option to opt for.

Men with vasculogenic ED, a blood vessel disease that inhibits blood supply to tissue in the penis, tend to benefit the most from shockwave therapy. The therapy’s efficacy for other types of ED has yet to be determined. Let me give you some in-depth knowledge of the same.

So, what is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is amongst the most preferred treatment options for curing erectile dysfunction. Low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT) is the medical name for shockwave therapy.

It’s a non-invasive treatment used in orthopedics for years to help repair fractured bones, ligament injuries, and tendon injuries. It helps in the acceleration of tissue repair and the cell growth process.

Talking of erection, it is dependent on the normal blood supply to the penile tissue. The shockwave treatment is thought to be a good way to restore and expand blood vessels in the penis while also enhancing blood supply.

Shockwave therapy works better in mild and moderate ED and in case of a severe type of ED, it may not give any benefit.

What is the Procedure of shock wave therapy?

Shockwave treatment is delivered by using a hand-holding device positioned near various parts of the penis. The unit is moved around areas of your penis by a healthcare professional for about 15-30 minutes while emitting soft pulses.

There is no need for anesthesia. The pulses trigger enhanced blood circulation and tissue remodeling in the penis. Any of these modifications can result in erections that are suitable for sex.

To get better relief, the doctor will ask you for multiple sittings of therapy every year. Yes, you have to go for shockwave therapy every year of every 1 to 1.5 years for the result to persist. Else, the result will fade away with time and you will circle down to the same situation again.

3. Exercises

Best method to cure erectile dysfunction is exercises like cardio and kegel exercise

Muscles, particularly those involved in erection maintenance for a long time, may lose tone and strength over time. As a result, exercises could be able to assist with the reversal of erectile dysfunction.

Further evidence indicates that pelvic muscle exercise can be beneficial in treating ED and other pelvic health problems.

Believe me, I am the testimony of the wonders of exercise for solving ED. Many people come and thank me later for suggesting them to include exercise in their daily routine and guess what, It reverses their ED. So, best natural answer to how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally is exercise.

It best suits you if you have mild to moderate ED.

There are ample numbers of exercises that you need to put into practice. I have mentioned below some of them.

Strength Exercise

One can never ignore the benefits of strength training when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. It is because the HIIT strength exercises can boost the testosterone level in a very short time.

Not just this, it also helps in enhancing the workout performance, helps you burn a few calories, and increase libido.

Some of the examples of strength exercise are:

  • Lunges
  • Lifting
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Planks 

Cardio/Aerobic Exercise

As per many research studies, the experts concluded that aerobic exercise helps in improving blood flow. Whenever you are working out, the heart pumps out a lot of blood. It means that ultimately the blockages in your body will be flushed out.

At least 5-7 sessions of aerobic exercise for 12 weeks will boost nitric oxide levels by 30%-35%. Note that nitric oxide causes an erection by pushing blood in the penis and relaxing the penile tissues to allow for stiffness.

  • Cycling
  • Skipping
  • Boxing
  • Running

Anaerobic Exercise

Maybe the anaerobic exercises are not as effective as the aerobic ones, however, they have been shown to increase sexual health and reduce causes that may lead to ED.

Some examples of it are:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Sprinting
  • Extreme Weight Lifting

Kegel Exercise

The Kegels are not just for women, as men can use them for treating erectile dysfunction. They stimulate the pelvic muscles, as these exercises are one of the easiest ways to improve your general sexual wellbeing.

During intercourse, the pelvic muscles contract all around the testes and the bottom of the penis, this adds to the erection’s “stiffness.” These muscles can be strengthened and toned when doing pelvic floor exercises.

Some of the kegel exercises are:

  • Sitting pelvic floor activation
  • Standing pelvic floor activation
  • Activating pelvic floor muscles

4. P Shot or PRP

 P shot or PRP solves erectile dysfunction and increase blood flow in penis.

The much-talked P-Shot is a dose of platelet-rich plasma taken from your blood and inserted into the penile tissue. It indicates that the expert takes your own cells and injects them into your penis to enhance tissue repair.

But there is less evidence of this fixing the erectile dysfunction permanently with PRP. Hence, before you start thinking about taking it, make sure that you know more.

So, What is PRP/PShot?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a blood factor believed to aid in tissue regeneration and healing. PRP treatment is being used to treat tendon and muscle fractures, promote hair growth, and help patients heal faster from surgery.

Theoretically, PRP for ED improves the protection of the skin and blood vessels of the penis.

Based on my experience and knowledge, I have got mixed feedback about the success of PRP
or PShot in treating erectile dysfunction so think wisely before going for it.

What is the procedure of PRP and P shot?

A medical practitioner takes a tiny amount of the blood and spins it in a centrifuge system to make PRP. The platelets and plasma are separated from the rest of the blood in the centrifuge.

The platelet content in the PRP mixture is significantly greater than in normal blood. PRP is produced and then injected into the penis by the healthcare professional. This shot of PRP is also known as the Priapus Shot.

The P-Shot is a fast treatment, and you’ll probably be out of the clinic in less than an hour.

5. Penile Implant – Last option

Penile Implant as last treatment for ED

It is yet another permanent treatment for ED which can help you cure erectile dysfunction.

This is the very last option for anyone to fit a machine inside your penis to get an artificial erection. If you are young and comparatively healthy then this is not for you. Better go for stem cell therapy rather than a penile implant.

What is Penile Implant?

A prosthetic implant is implanted between the penis and scrotum during penile implant surgery. This system aids a man’s erection and restores sexual activity. The men suffering from severe erectile dysfunction and are disappointed with all other available treatments are the best candidate for this procedure.

Types of Penile Implants –

  • Two-piece inflatable pump
  • Three-piece inflatable pump
  • Malleable or Semi-rigid rods

How Penile Implant is Performed?

When conducting penile implant surgery, the inflatable rod is inserted into the penis during surgery. These rods need a device filled with the saline solution and pump hidden in the scrotum.

The saline solution moves to the device and pressurizes it as you push the pump, giving you an erection. You can flatten the system again later.

This technique is typically intended for men who have failed to respond to other ED therapies. The majority of men who have the procedure are pleased with the outcomes, which have lasted for a long time.

6. Correct the Deficiency of Minerals, Vitamins, and Other Nutrients.

Correct the Deficiency of Minerals, Vitamins, and Other Nutrients to cure ED and low libido problem

When a man fails to attain or sustain an erection, he is said to have erectile dysfunction. Certain vitamins can help with ED, according to some studies. This, though, could be valid only for people who are vitamin deficient.

It has never been established in a therapeutic setting that taking vitamins will help with ED. There are several connections between nutrients and sexual wellbeing. It is important for your overall health to consume adequate levels of all vitamins, nutrients, and other minerals.

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Let us now have a look at how different Vitamins work for curing erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B9

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 plays a very important role in the treatment of ED. It has been seen that majority of the people suffering from ED had a folic acid deficiency. Intake of the following food can help you increase Vitamin B9 in the body.

  • Eggs
  • Green leafy veggies, like spinach, kale, broccoli, and Brussels
  • Avocado
  • Citrus fruits
  • Peas, lentils, and legumes

Vitamin D

Vitamin D lowers the rate of inflammation, boosts constant blood flow, and increases nitric oxide production. Sunlight is the primary carrier of vitamin D. It can be obtained by exposing one’s skin to the sun daily. Vitamin D can also be obtained by foods, such as:

  • Fortified cereals
  • Egg yolk
  • Liver
  • Mushrooms
  • Oily fish such as sardines and salmons

Vitamin C

According to a 2017 study, vitamin C aids in improving blood supply and the rise in testosterone. Vitamin C supplements have no evidence of helping with ED. That being said, getting a sufficient amount of vitamin C every day is a wise choice. Vitamin C is used in the following foods:

  • Red and green peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Green veggies
  • Guava and citrus fruits
  • Thyme
  • Parsley

Vitamin B3

Niacin alone was shown to help patients with mild to extreme ED symptoms. Vitamin B3 is abundant in the below-mentioned foods:

  • Avocados
  • Peanuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Brown rice
  • Meat

7. Gene Therapy

New treatment gene therapy for erectile dysfunction cure

The gene therapy methods can improve the production of nitric oxide and K+ channel activity in the smooth muscles, which cure ED in men.

It has proved to be very effective in its clinical trials. Unlike other treatments, gene therapy focuses on Nitric Oxide development which is responsible for smooth muscle relaxation and thus causes an erection.

What is gene therapy?

Gene therapy delivers therapeutic genes to the penile tissue through direct or transduced cell- mediated approaches using viral and non-viral vectors. A variety of therapeutic gene approaches have been rigorously studied and shown to be successful in multiple experiments.

What is the process for gene therapy?

The treatment includes the injecting of genetic material straight into the penis. When biological processes are subjected to blue light, they increase the output of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

Calcium levels in cells drop, muscles contract, and the penis will flood with blood as a result. When an enzyme breaks down cGMP, the erection eventually fades.

In a nutshell:

In a nutshell for how to cure erectile dysfunction

I really hope that you must have got an answer for your most sought-after question – how to cure erectile dysfunction?

There are many treatments of impotence, for instance, the first one is using Viagra and Cialis. Then after disappointment, you may give a try to ayurvedic or homeopathy. Then you may get trapped by a commercialized sex doctor who will loot you and make your pocket light.

I know these things because I left no stone unturned to make myself correct. Whatever I have mentioned above and in my blog are based on my own experiences.

I suggest first try to fix your erectile dysfunction naturally by exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and improving vitamin and nutrients deficiencies. If still, you are not satisfied with the improvement, then go for stem cell therapy for life long cure.

If there are still any doubts and queries and still confused about how to cure erectile dysfunction, you can contact me for help or Whatsapp me over +918420350569. I am always ready to help all my readers if they are experiencing problems related to ED.