Stem-cell-therapy-for-erectile-dysfunction in india

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India

A treatment that is still unknown to the majority of the population is stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India. If you have tried all the treatments of erectile dysfunction, then this is the last resort.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases that many Indian men suffer after a certain age or because of some chronic disease. 

Usually, ED treatments focus on symptomatic relief and, as a result, aims to offer acute relief rather than a recovery or reversal of the root cause. However, nowadays, experts have started providing potential permanent cures using stem cell therapy with the help of science and technology. 

Even I got in acquaintance with this therapy after a long time. There was a lot of research and studies that went behind finding this best treatment. However, many people are still unaware of why and how stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India is the best treatment.

I had erectile dysfunction for 3 years and tried every sort of treatment for a permanent solution. All the treatments available currently are just temporary fixes. Finally, stem cell therapy cured me permanently

With the help of my experience of stem cell therapy and certain research articles present on the web, I am here with some important points that you need to know about this therapy. So, let us begin our talk about stem cell therapy.

What are stem cells?

What is stem cell

Stem cells are cells that can replicate and divide into various types of cells. Throughout early life and development stages, stem cells do this often. 

They also act as healing points inside cells, multiplying to replenish and revitalize other cells. 

Stem cell divides and transforms into a different specific cell, such as a nerve cell, muscle cell, or blood cell.

In a nutshell, stem cells have the property to transform into any type of cell.

They can be found throughout the body, but they’re particularly abundant in fat tissue and bone marrow.

A relatively tiny amount of bone marrow can be taken out from the patient and removed using a painless operation. Liposuction, on the other hand, would be used to obtain stem cells from the fat tissue.

Why is there buzz around stem cells?

Why is there buzz around stem cells

In the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz about the possible application of stem cell-based treatments in medicine, and urology in particular. 

It is due to certain reasons, and I have tried talking about those in the below-mentioned sections.

  • Stem cells can be transformed to become specialized cells that can be used to rebuild and restore weakened human tissues. Stem cells can be grown into fresh tissue for regeneration and transplant purposes.
  • This therapy helps the research and medical experts know how certain diseases occur by transforming cells. They also are trying to find out how a normal body cell is changing into a cancer cell.
  • They also use stem cell therapy to treat a certain body organ, which is not functioning properly. For instance, this therapy can be perfect for treating the penile tissues when an individual suffers from erectile dysfunction. 
  • Stem cell treatment also finds out the causes of genetic defects in cells.

Types of Stem Cells

Types of Stem cells

Talking about their types, there are different types of stem cells present in our body. Let us have a look at all of these.

1. Embryonic Stem Cells

These stem cells are derived from three to five-day-old human embryos. They’re extracted during an in-vitro fertilization procedure. 

Instead of fertilizing an egg within the female body, this method entails fertilizing it in a lab. E

Embryonic stem cells can differentiate into several different types of cells. These cells can develop to almost every other cell type in the body.

2. Adult Stem Cells (Non-Embryonic Stem Cells)

Adult stem cells are present in most adults tissues, for instance in bone marrow or fat. These stem cells are derived from the body’s existing organs and tissues. 

The body uses them to heal and rebuild weakened tissue in the region where they’re inserted. For instance, stem cells present in bone marrow help to form WBCs, RBCs, and many other types of blood cells.

Adult stem cells are currently being tested in people with neurological, heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, etc.

3. Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells and Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells

When an infant is born, cord blood stem cells are extracted from the umbilical cord of the newborn baby. They can be stored in cell banks for potential use. 

These cells are used to effectively treat many ailments such as blood cancers, including leukemia and hereditary blood defects. 

The stem cells are also found in the amniotic fluid. The fluid that covers a newborn baby within the mother’s womb is known as amniotic fluid. 

Currently, this is also being used for curing erectile dysfunction.

What is stem cell therapy?

What is Stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment used to treat various diseases using stem cells. These cells can be obtained from various places and used to treat more than 80 diseases recommended by the FDA. 

In this therapy, the stem cells are taken and administered into the patient’s diseased area. Optionally, they should be given intravenously to the patient.

In any case, the purpose of stem cell therapy is to boost a patient’s innate ability to regenerate by reducing inflammation, facilitating regeneration, and avoiding scarring.

Talking about erectile dysfunction, currently stem cells are administered directly into the penile region through injection. Doctor decide whether to take adult stem cells or to take umbilical cord stem cell after investigating the condition

What’s the Procedure of stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India?

Now, I will throw some light on stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India and how it is performed.

As mentioned before, the process starts with collecting adult stem cells from your body that takes about one hour. In the case of umbilical cord stem cell therapy, it is brought from the donor.

Both fat-derived stem cells from your stomach area and bone marrow cells from your hip bone are extracted in the case of adult stem cells.

Irrespective of how stem cells are obtained, the treatment will be done either by an injection or IV infusion of cells into the infected region. The cells could be injected into the patient’s back, soft tissue, elbows, hands, knees, and other areas if an injection-based procedure were used.

For instance, in stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction, stem cells are injected locally to the penile region and also through IV.

The experts make sure to conduct this entire procedure under sterile conditions. The stem cell therapy treatment will take anything from half-hour to four hours based on your medical history.

In most cases, you will be able to leave the workplace on your own and resume normal activities within one day. That being said, at times, you might also experience some discomfort, which will subside in one to two weeks.


procedure of Stem cell therapy

The part of the body in which liposuction is done or bone marrow is harvested from, the patient can feel discomfort and tenderness there. 

Light exercises should be done in the first week of surgery to aid recovery and movement. You can normally return to work right away, with the exception of occupations that require a lot of physical labor, such as too much walking or strength.

It would take three weeks to see a difference in several circumstances, and in some situations, it might take six to eight weeks for the patient to start seeing some effects.

However, after progress is made, you can see improvements in your body for up to six months. The medical expert may ask you to be back to him after six months to get the booster treatment.

Based on the post-treatment instruction, strenuous training and affect activities can be stopped for at least one month. 

After 5 to 6 weeks, you should be able to resume your daily activities. Overall, this minimally invasive treatment shouldn’t keep you from doing things you want to do for too long.

Which diseases can be cured by stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, burns, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, cancer, and osteoarthritis.

How can stem cell therapy help in erectile dysfunction?

To treat erectile dysfunction, the doctors use the freshly isolated cells for administration into the patient’s penile and penis area. These promote neural regeneration, smooth muscle regeneration, and endothelial function restoration. 

In safe conditions, these isolated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) divide into various cell types capable of replacing weakened or defective penis tissues. For instance, if the damage is in thin penile blood vessels, penile veins, or nerves, stem cell repairs those cells and restore proper functioning of those tissues. Ultimately, proper hardness is back after tissues get repaired

Stem cell treatments can be used to treat dysfunctions associated with developmental issues, such as nerve deterioration of the pelvis and penis. When erectile dysfunction is caused by nerve damage, oral contraceptives and suppository systems are often ineffective. 

At such times, the intracavernous injections of stem cells enhance functions by injecting them into cavernous nerves in the penile area.


FAQs about stem cell therapy

1. How many days required for stem cell therapy?

The whole stem cell treatment takes about 2-5 hours to complete. Patients who have had stem cell therapy can leave on their own. 

In one day, you should be able to go to work and perform normal activities. In as little as four to twelve weeks, patients can start to feel better. The majority of patients appear to progress over six months.

2. How many sittings required for stem cell therapy?

After the first injection, stem cells will begin to replace weakened and dead cells in the damaged site, and certain individuals will only need one sitting. 

Within one to three months after their stem cell therapy sessions, most patients experience recovery from their initial symptoms and total recovery is expected within six months.

Usually, it requires only one sitting but in some conditions, you may need to go for a booster dose after six months of the first injection.

3. How long do stem cell injections last?

The stem cells implanted into the patient will keep functioning and develop new cells in the injected region for life long. In a nutshell, stem cell therapy works lifelong for erectile dysfunction.

Normally, it depends on how healthy is your body after stem cell therapy. If you still follow an unhealthy lifestyle after therapy then the probability of getting the problem again increases many folds.

So, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle after you recover from erectile dysfunction.

4. Does insurance cover stem cell injections?

Treatments of stem cells are still considered to be new and it is yet to find its way into mainstream treatment. 

Health insurers do not support the majority of stem cell treatments in India. So, you need to pay for the treatment from your pocket. Also, erectile dysfunction is not covered under medical insurance.

When the Food and Drug Administration does not approve a procedure, there’s a good chance it won’t be covered by health insurers.

5. Is stem cell therapy permanent?

There is a reservoir of stem cells in our bone marrow. Hence, when these are injected into the damaged tissue, these help in regeneration of it. 

Stem Cell Treatment can offer a long-term solution for many patients. In certain soft tissue injuries, stem cell therapy can help with long-term healing. 

For instance, I had my stem cell therapy in January 2018 and I am cured since then.

6. Is stem cell therapy painful?

The best thing about stem cell treatment is that it is non-invasive, the effects are minimal. 

Any people may experience temporary discomfort and swelling after the injection. 

In the case of Adult stem cells, you may feel a little discomfort for three to four days because stem cells are extracted from the hip bone site and require one stitch surgery.

In the case of umbilical cord stem cells, you don’t need any surgery. Just a small prick pain in penis of injection needle for administering stem cells into the body through injection

7. How successful is stem cell therapy?

The success rate of stem cell therapy is very high, and hence many people are considering choosing it for treating their diseases. There are a lot of other factors on which its effectiveness depends.

8. How long does it take for stem cell therapy to work?

In ideal circumstances, a stem cell treatment for any of the diseases will start showing its effect in as little as four to twelve weeks. Improvement continues till six months and effects are the last longing.

9. Are there any restrictions after stem cell therapy?

  • Avoid climbing too many stairs, which in turn means lesser physical activity
  • Make sure that you do not weight lift or run for the first two weeks.
  • Range-of-motion and gentle stretching exercises can be done.
  • Heat (hot tub, heating pad) and ice pads are used to treat muscle soreness and spasms.

10. Are there any side effects of stem cell therapy?

Most of the time, there are no side effects of stem cell therapy. Doctors are inserting your stem cells taken from your body so no chance of getting any side effects. In the case of umbilical cord stem cell also, no one has reported any side effects.

Talking about my experience, I didn’t get any side effects after treatment. I just walked away freely after therapy.


Apart from this, there are many other questions that all of you might have had in your mind. It is always important to consider taking advice from someone experienced whenever you plan to take stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India.

I am a testimony that this treatment is very effective and safe for ED. 


Hope that after going through the information that I mentioned in the above section, you must have come to know a lot about stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction in India.

I am always ready to help you if ever you get stuck or confused while making a decision. Contact me or directly you can WhatsApp me over my number +918420350569

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